Installation onto continuous wall

1. With a Stanley cutter head and cut the half bricks at the edges of the page.

2. With a 4-5 mm notched trowel spread a layer of outdoors tile glue previously mixed onto the entire surface to be covered.

3. Apply the Flexiblebrick page lightly tapping it in order to firmly come into contact with the glue.

4. Press several times along the jointings using the tool in the packaging, allowing the netting to be completely immersed in the glue. Excess glue will flow outwards and will fill the jointings between each brick.

5. Cut away the half brick edges from the second page and cross over with the page previously applied. You may a little waste, but you will not see the joining line between one page and the other. The half bricks you cut can be used for other applications.

6. Simulate the jointings with facade plaster, available in any building material store. Mix the plaster thoroughly and use the bag dispenser provided.

7. Immediately start to fill in the jointings with plaster. We suggest to apply the plaster while the jointing glue is still wet.

8. Allow the plaster to set. With the tool provided even out the plaster so as to cover the netting.

9. Use a dry brush to remove excess plaster.

10. In order to avoid wastage you can place the brick pages side by side and hide the join line by using the resin provided.