Application to pillars and corners

1. Measure and cut the first side of the pillar. Bricks can be cut with a Stanley knife.

2. With a 4-5 mm notched trowel spread a layer of outdoors tile glue previously mixed onto the entire surface to be covered

3. The second part of the pillar must be covered with a properly cut page and taking care for a long brick to be associated with a short brick so as to simulate the shape of a real brick

4. Press several times along the jointings using the tool in the packaging, allowing the netting to be completely immersed in the glue. Excess glue will flow outwards and will fill the jointings between each brick.

5. Simulate the jointings with facade plaster, available in any building material store. Mix the plaster thoroughly and use the bag dispenser provided.

6. Immediately start to fill in the jointings with plaster. We suggest to apply the plaster while the jointing glue is still wet.

7. Allow the plaster to set. With the tool provided even out the plaster so as to cover the netting.

8. Use a dry brush to remove excess plaster.

9. Cut away the end of the bag dispenser provided in the packaging filled with the coloured resin of the chosen brick.

10. Join the cut sheets in order to recreate the whole brick.

11. In order to optimize colour integration, blur the edge with your finger, rubbing its surface gently.

12. The resin will harden and will hide the joint between the two Mattonflex sheets.