Unique, but different.

A brick for everything.

With MattonFlex the walls of your house or store will be even more beautiful. Available in a variety of different colours ranging from colder to warmer shades, Mattonflex (in italiano c’è scritto MattoFlex) can be used in both rustic and more contemporary styles to add that little something extra to your space.

Piedmontese Red

The classic. Red brick with hints of black. Externally, Piedmontese Red is ideal for large-scale panelling, exposed columns and boundary walls. For interiors it particularly stands out in medium-sized rooms. Classic but with style.

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Rural. Aged red, with warm / cold tones ranging from black to white and shades of orange-yellow. Suitable outdoors for rural areas or conservation projects, indoors it is suitable for bright, welcoming and informal environments.

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Industrial white

The latest in the MattonFlex colour family. A white base, with grey hues and bronze shadows, suitable for medium-sized interiors, ideal for covering columns and back walls.
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Interior design. Suitable for any interior design project, “Industrial” leaves an unforgettable visual impact wherever it is used with its earthy burnished amaranth color and shades. Old but gold.

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Mediterranean pink

Standard. An ideal brick for those looking for a "hand laid" finish. Ideal for large surfaces and any type of architecture both indoors and outdoors.

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Nordic white

Design and imagination. Great for small environments and versatile for all types of use in the commercial field. Mattonflex Nordic white is the loft brick par excellence. It can be painted to adapt to the environment making it possible to perfectly pair the classic “brick” look with the most modern and innovative colors.

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Siena Yellow

Versatile. The color that takes you to the yellow lands around Sienna and Tuscany, perfect for large surfaces and enhancing condominium and residential facades. Inside, it stands out best in medium-sized rooms.

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Mattonflex Siviglia is inspired by the chromatic tones typical of Andalusian architecture. Its warm colors and yellowish shades are well suited to medium-sized exteriors and, indoors, are ideal for open spaces, lofts or unique design details. A little corner of Andalusia in your home.

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Are you an architect?

Download the high-definition images of our colors, your professionalism together with Mattonflex will make your projects both unique and original. Would you like to know more? Contact us, no obligation!